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Commercial Real Estate in North West Florida

I like real estate and am looking to buy a building in North West Florida for my honor snack business. I’ve managed this honor snack business since 1987 with up to 2400 snack trays and real estate has played a […] Read more

How An Android Smartphone Saved My Small Business

I want to tell you how my Droid smartphone has more than paid for itself and my Verizon phone service for three years. My Droid has saved hundreds of hours of paper shuffeling, typing, fileing, a small forrest of trees […] Read more
Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Mobile Marketing for Small Business

While vending in Pensacola yesterday I was listening to a course on mobile marketing, that I downloaded to my smartphone and was, playing through the stereo in the company vehicle. Then I noticed the person in the car next to […] Read more

How to get new customers in a slow economy

A slow economy is a perfect time for a refresher course on getting new customers. That’s what marketing is all about and I have an excellent set of videos, about online marketing that I want to share with our honor […] Read more
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The Business of Business

The Business of Business

The business of business is business of course. Whether you deal primarily with end consumers or b2b business to business, marketing and advertising play a major role. Small business obviously has a completely different set of constraints than the big […] Read more