Honor at work

Snack vending at work can get you through your mid day slump, or a mint before that big sales meeting can be critical, but excellent business managers realize that the honor feature of an honor snack tray can be an important tool.

“If you can’t trust a man with small matters, how can you ever trust him with the big matters?’ is ancient wisdom good  managers understand. This should be critical when considering employee promotions. Considering the estimate that 80% of retail theft is employee based, this type of problem can, and has, shut down many small businesses when undetected or just ignored.

I have seen this scenario play out many times in my twenty some years managing hundreds of office snack tray honor systems. One of my favorite examples of diligent management happened in Pensacola Florida.

When their honor snack tray continued to come up short even after he mentioned it at 2 employee meetings the manager of a furniture company investigated the matter further and found $22,000 + in merchandise that had been stolen by an assistant, a little at a time… over years.

In another company their honor snack tray balanced perfectly for many months then suddenly started coming up short of funds immediately after a new employee had been hired. That should tell you something.

Vending machines have their place in big busy, public places but most small businesses don’t want or need a big vending machine using up floor space and electricity. We place our honor snack trays in small businesses that have 3 to 50 employees without a contract or upfront fees. Just a promise to try, to keep it honest. That’s a good thing!

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