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Mobile Marketing, Pensacola

Mobile Marketing, PensacolaWhile vending in Pensacola yesterday I was listening to a course on mobile marketing, that I downloaded to my smartphone and was, playing through the stereo in the company vehicle. Then I noticed the person in the car next to me using her smartphone at the stop light. Now I am begining to believe the outrageous claims about mobile marketing.
It took my college educated daughter a year to convince me to upgrade my small old mobile phone to a droid smartphone like her’s and now I’ll never go back. This Droid has more than paid for itself in business savings. It eliminated keying in and printing rout sheets, saving entire forests of paper, ink, time and secretarial expense. The smartphone helps find and track customer accounts, I place orders online and listen to educational courses and seminars while traveling.
When I hear claims of 5 times more mobile phones than desktop computers and that people keep their mobile phones with them 90% of the time and I see many many people using mobile phones daily, I am convinced that mobile marketing really is the next big thing.
I have upgraded this website with a basic mobile component allowing it to show up correctly on smartphones. You can try it if you have a smartphone. In March 2012 of the 21,000 + hits on this site

  • 79 were Androids
  • 29 were Samsung phones
  • 18 were from Iphones
  • 2 from Blackberrys

These were small percentages but I’m expecting exponential growth. :-)
Next I plan to upgrade and test improved graphics and mobile marketing tactics like sms, mobile messaging, mobile ads, tap to call and mobile email.

Mobile Marketing, Pensacola
Mobile Marketing, Pensacola
Mobile Marketing, Pensacola

Mobile Marketing, Pensacola

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