Top 10 Reasons To Have An Honor Snack Tray



Top 10 Reasons For Honor Snacks At Work

There are many good reasons to have an honor snack vending tray at your place of business. In addition to an easy, no contract or fee start-up, the operation is reminiscent of old time Southern honor based on a handshake and trust between friends. Yes that is still a good viable system and has been for 25 years at Honest To Goodness Inc. in Florida and Alabama. Some of the more practical reasons to have a snack tray at your business are:

  1. Convenience: it’s kind of like having a little of your home kitchen at work (only better).
  2. Increased Productivity: There’s really no need to run out and grab a snack during work.
  3. Affordable: No big overhead like a $3000 vending machine.
  4. Small Footprint: Takes up very little room, usually next to the coffee machine.
  5. No Electric Use: Simple low cost operation.
  6. Maintain Personal Energy Levels: Gets you through that mid-day slump. Especially good for diabetics.
  7. Freshness Guarantee: 100%
  8. Excellent Variety: Items range from health food and granola bars to just plain good snacks and chips.
  9. Legal Mood Enhancement: Chocolate candy, cookies and cakes are always included.
  10. It’s All Good: Taste, packaging, freshness, honor, reasonable.

If you want to try a snack tray at your business in NW Florida from Pensacola to Fort Walton Beach and Panama City call Gary at 850-615-1850 or leave a message at our corporate website at Honest To Goodness Inc.


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